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Los Angeles – announced today the minting of a Limited Edition collection of country coins and artwork starting with the Vatican Redeemer 1 oz. fine silver coins, USA postage stamps, postcards, lithographs, and museum quality Giclees.

Production is limited to only one month for production of the Vatican Redeemer CoinCards, Uncirculated Coins, Proofs, Quad CoinPacks, Triple CoinPacks, Bulk Coins, Tubes of Coins, and associated (included) artwork.

Each of the 1 oz. Fine Silver coins and artwork are delivered instantly to buyers to hold in their physical possession.

Throughout history, silver has never lost all value and has always offered protection when currencies fail and governments fall on hard times. A Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee is offered with all purchases. real silver coins are unique in that they are combined with the art of a representative artist of the featured country, and outstanding beautiful images are on both sides of the coin. Each coin includes a collectable valid US Postage stamp and print artwork by the individual artists as well.

Although the Vatican is featured first, more than 60 countries will be featured (one-at-a-time) consecutively, retiring the mint dies to maintain rarity and value. Collectors of all Silver CoinCard country Limited Editions will promote even more value.

All coins are offered initially at a rock bottom price to make them affordable. Pure silver coins and art make great gifts too, especially if they continue to increase in value.

Customer Support includes world-class 7 day a week customer service, and offers an education in savings, financing, asset protection, and estate planning, at no added fee.

Although starting prices for each coin are at $29.95 ($39.95 for a CoinCard), expects value of these coins to increase to at least $150.00 within six months.  

Purchasers of CoinCards may choose to use weekly paycheck savings plans, creating “on hand” cash protection, and automatic inheritance for their beneficiaries.

Purchasers are guaranteed to make 25% quickly on new coins, as prices increase very often. If a buyer is accepted as a Dealer, they can make an additional 10% commission on each CoinCard and other products. Dealers can also earn Lifetime Retirement Vesting, as well.

While customers can use the coins as the Ultimate Silver Savings Plan, the CoinCards from Kilver also offer excellent security for emergencies. provides maximum value, while giving back in a humanitarian way. A portion of sales is donated to Key Kid Foundation children’s surgery fund and another portion goes to TIMOTCA, promoting World Peace through Art.

About, was founded in 1995, as a mint and distributor of rare silver and gold coins to investors around the world. More information at is available.



TIMOTCA, a nonprofit organization founded in 1980, and has been endorsed by the United Nations, UNESCO, UNICEF, Presidents, Diplomats, artists, and celebrities around the world. They have benefited schools and art in children classrooms internationally and have held exhibitions at the United Nations, UNESCO Headquarters, Las Vegas and other cities. They exhibit artwork from countries of the world without concern of politics or conflicts or religions. Please contact for more information.



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